To Those Who Would Be Free:


Some of you will find this 'off topic.' But on every list there are people who are a part of what I'm talking about and will understand from within their closets. If you are not one of them, and you cannot bear to hear the truth, delete this immediately.


I don't understand: Most of you acknowledge that patients should have the legal right to use cannabis as medicine (more than 50% of you in every poll).

If you have studied the issue and alternatives in depth, or if you are a 'christian,' you know that every adult should be able to use the plants of the field in a responsible manner without fear of prison. If you don't, you need to learn more.

I'm pretty sure the goal of most of you would be a peaceful, healthy, compassionate American democracy, without a war of any kind, even a drug war. But peace and well-being is an unrealistic vision if war costs every freedom we ever had.

You may or may not understand that prohibition historically (and hysterically) promotes corruption, violence, a bloated enforcement budget, and absolute disrespect for the law, and, reverse of its 'intent,' makes everyone less safe. But, I do know you understand that prohibition always and instantly creates a black market.

Enough of you most assuridly haven't deeply contemplated meeting the creator of the plant, or this painful effort to fit round pegs into square holes would immediately cease and desist.



If you are one of the possibly 100 million users of marijuana, you know that even when law gives you a medical defense, God does not drop the plant through your roof. If you cannot risk growing it yourself, you either get it from the black market or from the gray market.

You may not have spent much time thinking about what responsible users and cannabis patients owe gray market 'traffickers, smugglers, growers, manufacturers, and dealers,' who risk their freedom to offer an alternative to the black market. You may not care, but it is the black market your children get their drugs from. It is your economy, your schools, your communities and your spirits that suffer.

The gray market has developed because we are otherwise law abiding citizens who want to be legal but aren't allowed. We distance ourselves from the black market as far as possible; We break as few rules as possible. We buy from our friends or we grow for our friends; We know as well as the next man that children must be kept separate from adult passtimes and pleasures until they are mature enough to make educated choices. We do not settle our differences with violence and weapons. We are compassionate to the sick among us.

The gray market is made up of peaceful people who would prefer to deal with peaceful people. Our traffickers and dealers would be businessmen. doctors, shippers, truckdrivers; Our 'manufacturers' would be botonists,farmers, gardeners; Our sick would be patients and our prisoners would be pursuing life, liberty, and happiness, if this prohibition had not made them all criminals.

In the black market, where money and power is the only objective, criminals would still be criminals without drug prohibition. They would just be engaged in some other endeavor.

If you are a responsible, knowledgable citizen in opposition to any policy that incarcerates and destroys this many peaceful people, you need to recognise that you are living in a war zone. The government or its black market will one day touch you or someone you love in the evilest of ways, while you waste all this time, money, and effort locking up a couple of million people who are as productive to society as you.

If you have discovered the value of the cannabis plant, and already disobey laws against nature, recognise yourself as the Gray Market and realize each one of us is vital. It is urgent to raise our collective voices to restore sanity.



Gary Waid was sentenced to nine years in federal prison for 'conspiracy to import 1000 pounds of marijuana' with no drugs in evidence. At the age of 44, this was Gary's first run-in with the law. Like all gray market offenders, no violence was involved, no guns, no children, just a middle class guy supplying a need.

Now, Gary's not contesting the charges, nor even the draconian mandatory minimum that caged him - he took a plea bargain like over 90% of us do. He's done five of the nine years the law sentenced him to.

My reason for defending him is that he offers marijuana to adults who should have the right to use it without breaking any moral, and no legal laws other than the destructive laws we are fighting.

You defend the constitution, and all its freedoms, the plant and all its uses, but you stand so silently when it comes to people like Gary Brooks Waid.

I suppose you reject him because his sentence is that of a 'trafficker,' and you don't want to state too much of the truth for fear of hurting the tiny portion of truth it has become 'politically correct' to defend.

Yes, he broke the law. But, every responsible plant using citizen, including the sick, are able to obtain their pot without involvement in the prohibition created, money-grubbing, gun-toting, fighting-over-turf, child-dealing, murdering, thieving black marketeers only because of people like Gary Waid.

Knowing the value and versitility of the plant, men like Gary are actually protectors of America's potential medical, economic and environmental future, and everyone of you who has studied the plant knows that. One day, everyone will know when truth prevails.

Right or wrong, Gary Waid is a federal prisoner and should not be in a state prison.

Right or wrong, he is trying to raise the quality of life in those wall for the 1.3 million non-violent prisoners - at great risk to himself. Right or wrong, his efforts, if heeded, could help save society from being eaten alive by the violence prisons build in both prisoners, loved ones, and guards.

If you know anything that could get Gary put back in Texarkana Federal Prison, please step forward. If you can tell a truth that will make the walls of America's Prison Industrial Complex more transparent, tell it. Without your help, sooner or later, more blood will flow.


Gary Waid's Website
A Smuggler's Tales From Jails


Kay Lee
AKA Grandma Lee
909 Virginia Street #B
Key West, FL 33040

The Truth As I See It
Freedom has a thousand charms to show,
That slaves, howe'er contented, never know.

* Gary Waid