Alleged road rage triggers massive crash in California
An apparent case of road rage triggered a horrifying chain-reaction crash in Santa Clarita, California. At least one person was injured in the incident.


Cannabis And Anger
Cannabis can be used to treat mental issues, as well as those that are physical. People know that the plant can be used to treat anxiety and depression. It can also take away the extreme anger that some people feel about normal situations. There are people who suffer from extreme bouts of anger, sometimes over the smallest issue. This includes road rage, the awful feeling you get when someone on the road cuts you off and then proceeds to go fifteen miles per hour. Anger can ruin a person’s day and sometimes a person’s life but cannabis, thankfully, can treat anger issues better than any other medicine on the market.

Road rage is aggressive or angry behavior exhibited by a driver of a road vehicle, which includes rude gestures, verbal insults, physical threats or dangerous driving methods targeted toward another driver in an effort to intimidate or release frustration.

Driving presents many stresses any time a person is behind the wheel because of high speeds and other drivers making different decisions. As stress increases, the likelihood of a person having road rage increases dramatically, and if a person has road rage, their stress levels increase.

Oregon family uses medical marijuana to treat son's autistic rage
Alex's seizures began when he was barely two months old. His situation escalated at age 3 when he began experiencing episodes of severe rage that caused him to hurt himself. By age 5, his violent behavior included head-butting, hitting and scratching himself to the point of bruising and bleeding. No medication seemed to help.

About three times a week, his parents travel to Alex's group home to give him a liquid form of the drug, since the staff will not administer it.

After a few months, his father Jeremy said, "[Alex] went from being completely, yelling, screaming, bloodying his face, to within an hour, hour-and-a-half, he would be playing with toys, using his hands. Something that at that time was almost unheard of."

"Cannabis seems to be helping Alex, but it hasn't cured him of his rage. We have seen him significantly benefit many times, but he still has days when nothing helps, and he is still very dangerous at times.

Alex's Story
Alex’s situation hasn’t changed a lot since his return from KKI. We’ve stopped with the cannabis tinctures despite having a wonderful donor (TJ’s Organic Gardens), because we just couldn’t figure out what he needs. We’ve found that while our initial struggles were lack of knowledge and supply, our struggle now is figuring out how it’s actually affecting Alex. His inability to communicate has always made medications difficult, but in the case of cannabis, this country’s bullshit paranoia has made research so spotty that it’s 100% up to the parents to guess at dosage, strain, etc.

Jeffrey's Journey
Pediatrics: W.A.M.M. has been documenting the use of medical marijuana for young people with multiple behavior disorders. A report on this subject will come out shortly. For now, please read the articles below regarding one of WAMM's patients.

The disorders often lead Jeff to violent, uncontrollable outbursts.

"Weve had to call the police," Debbie says. "I have woken up to a knife in my back. He used to stab the dogs next door. The teachers were afraid of Jeffrey. He picked up a chair and threw it at a teacher."

Doctors first started Jeffrey on Ritalin at age 3 and began adding other medications over the years, as nothing seemed to stop the outbursts.

"He was a walking pharmaceutical lab," Debbie says. "It was incredible. And nothing was working.

That led her to an Internet article on how marijuana calms the brain and to Dr. Mike Alkalay, a pediatrician who believes in the medical powers of the drug marijuana.

"This medication has been around for 5,000 years," Alkalay says. "It's basically a Chinese herbal plant that's been used in the Middle East. It's been used in India. It's a very safe medication."

Child Protective Services is taking Debbie to court where a judge could stop Debbie from giving marijuana to her son. If that happens, Debbie says she wont be able to control him, and will lose her son to the custody of the state.

Cannabis as a Substitute for Alcohol pdf
A Harm-Reduction Approach by Tod H. Mikuriya
Ninety-two Northern Californians who use cannabis as an alternative to alcohol obtained letters of approval from the author. Their records were reviewed to determine characteristics of the cohort and efficacy of the treatment, which was defined as reduced harm to the patient.

Marijuana Maintenance as a Treatment for Alcohol Dependence

Marijuana May Protect Liver From Alcohol Related Damage

How Marijuana Helps Relieve Stress and Anxiety: The Neuroscience

Cannabis Used For Stress Relief
Stress Reduction is a nearly universal benefit of cannabis use.
Psychiatrist Tod Mikuriya, M.D. noted.

“Continued use [of marijuana] exhibits a much more controlled pattern of mood management through a mild stimulation with low repeated inhaled doses.”

Scientific research supports the medical use of cannabinoids in anxiolytic (stress-reduction) therapies.

In practice, many patients report more than one indication. One of the most important uses of cannabis is as a substitute for other, more dangerous or costly pharmaceutical drugs. Many patients report substantial reductions in use of narcotics, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and other drugs.

Cannabis Users Are Safer Drivers Than Non-Users
Cannabis use and Driving

Juicers in Blue
Roid rage, in many ways, I would characterize as a form of loss of impulse control. It provokes overreactions via a stimulus that normally doesn't produce such a severe reaction.

Under the Influence
A compilation of Alcoholic-Beverage Industry Political Contributions to Members of the Appropriations Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, 1997-1998

While few in politics claim that political contributions "buy" votes, almost everyone would agree that political contributions create access for the donor to express his or her ideas to a politician, and they often help produce an "open mind" that is conducive to a sympathetic understanding of the donor's views.

Alcohol-Industry Contributions
The alcoholic-beverage industry contributed a total of $294,690 to members of the House Appropriations Committee during the last election cycle (See Tables 3A and 3B). On average, members of the committee received $4,829 from alcoholic-beverage industry sources during the 1997-98 time period.

How many "crimes" do Corporations Buy?

Alcohol-fueled violence part of culture: Ian Stewart
Aggression and Violence in Sports
The use of the word "aggression" is somewhat confusing. The term aggression is employed to describe angry violent behavior with intent to hurt a person or cause damage to property. "Aggressive" behavior is also used to depict a strong and somewhat adventurous effort. Thus an aggressive sales person or athlete, for example, may be perceived as obnoxious or violent by some and as motivated and hard working by others.

Baron, offers the following definition for aggression.
(1977, p. 12, cited in Cox, 1990, p. 266)

"Aggression is any form of behavior directed toward the goal of harming or injuring another living being who is motivated to avoid such treatment." Thus:

* Aggression is an act not a cognitive state
* Aggression is not accidental, it is an intentional act to harm
* Aggressive acts involve both bodily and psychological harm
* Aggressive acts involve only living beings;
harm to objects does not count as aggression
* The receiver of aggression does not want to get hurt

Cannabis Helps Keep Fans Calm
Police also claimed that the availability of cannabis in the Netherlands probably helped to defuse any violence. Scores of ticketless England fans gathered in coffee shops in Eindhoven, where cannabis is sold and smoked, to watch the game, greeting the defeat with mild disappointment and unusually, gentle applause. "It (cannabis) may have helped relax them," Mr Beelan added. "Even the hooligans enjoyed the party - and they told our officers. There were lots of things for fans to do and everybody had a good time."

Fans Too Relaxed for Fights
Dutch police today revealed the secret behind England's trouble-free opening Euro 2000 match against Portugal - openly-available cannabis. Despite the fallout between some England fans and players after the 3-2 defeat in Eindhoven, there were no reports of any trouble outside the ground.

Police claimed that the availability of the drug in the Netherlands probably helped to defuse any violence among thugs normally found in a boozy rage. Scores of ticketless England fans gathered in coffee shops in Eindhoven, where cannabis is legally sold and smoked, to watch the game, greeting the defeat with mild disappointment and gentle applause.

Basketball Riots in L.A., Soccer Thugs in Europe

Euro 2000 Soccer Violence Could Vanish in a Puff
It has become of one the Netherlands' most famous products, and if those who advocate its virtues get their way, then Euro 2000 could be the most peaceful, laid-back soccer tournament in sports history.

Tired of alcohol-fueled violence in sports?
The Washington Post covers the dangerous alcohol-fueled behavior
that takes place in many stadiums around the nation

NFL's Buzzkill

Medical Cannabis vs Autistic Rage