Unions get paid by workers and spare changing. Comparing them to the moneysluts is typical ignorance of the coward lapdogs thinking they'll get tinkledown.

This only shows the lack of ethics and morals of the GOP. How many ways and how much money have they spent trying to stop Americans from voting? These are probably the plastic flag jerkers. Still sticking with the Boosh legacy of driving a stake through the heart of America. How many ways to hurt the middle class? On purpose, why do we need Al Qaeda? I have a hard time thinking about this. I don't recall a time they were so obvious and even adamant about doing harm to American citizens. Gut the work force outsourcing. Using tax dodging kickbacks to do it. Trying anything to kill the Unions and let the individual workers stand against the army of corporate lawyers bargaining for wages or even workers Comp if you get hurt on the job. Dumping hazardous waste because its cheaper. No concern for the people living in the area. Just money seems to be the driving factor.

Paychecks by the majority following the international corporations with absolutely no allegiance to the Constitution. They care less about the working conditions. They know they can supplement living wages with scabs in India, China or Koch Bros. prison slave labor. Gutting Unions and safety nets all of it draining the local communities making up the Cayman Island deadbeats tax to fix the roads and public transportation. Anything they can steal from the people and give to the non people seems to be their religion. Giving to the Military, including Cheney's Halliburton or Boosh Oil filling the trucks and tanks. Dyncorps, Wallmart or Exxon on and on. Money leaving local areas going to Wall St. Taking our taxes and diverting them out of the country directly or via DC. Follow the money. If taxes benefit Americans they are against it. If it benefits G-20 corporations they're for it.

Prisons, Poisons and War paid by taxes are jim dandy to the damn idiots is all I can think of describing them. Who consistently punches themselves in the face so a few rich guys can pat them on the back? Shoot themselves in the foot on a weekly basis just so Wall St doesn't take their jobette to Thailand's prison labor. Everything they advocate is against Americans. Baining companies is code for eliminating workers. You can't possibly have equal funds and take a chunk off of the top and expect to give equal services. Yet republicans follow like puppies drooling over tinkle downs and hating all government that assist them or their neighbors.  Kids can afford the luxury of living in pretend castles. Where good guys wear white hats and nobody's ever hungry cause Aunt Bee's fixin' up some vittles. Trying to stay there as an adult makes other adults think you're loopy. Voting for people promising this is not only stupid, it makes you an accomplice. Morally and Judicially in the eventual War Crimes Tribunal. It always ends. This slower paced dumbing down fascism can only trick and lie and scheme. People may not know the nuts and bolts but they eventually realize it's not the America they grew up in. In the meantime I guess its some weird protocol that we have to watch people suffer, and others build more skyscrapers and yacht's grow into moving islands. Lots of positions for the obedient servants. I pick snails from the lettuce once or twice in the spring, then without killing them, they go elsewhere to eat. Seem to have more sense than what I see and hear these crazy GOPers doing. To themselves for the most part.

I don't believe the 1% are doing anything they can't legally do. I believe its lies and cheating by the subordinates and neglect of the 1% as long as they were gaining from it, they let it go. Hiring all of these swiftboat liars and cheats to perpetuate profits of a few is suicidal for the country. Its certainly bad enough when people sit by and do nothing. But to actually assist the mad slashers in removing Band aids is to have the wounds fester and get infected and the middle class pays more down the road. When Monsanto poisons neighborhoods and families they don't pay for it, we all do. When Exxon lawyers reduce their liability to 1 cent per dollar clean up cost of $100 billion, Sister Sara gets a bonus. We all pay for it and yet our teachers are wrecking the budget? With $5 TRILLION bilked and pillaged. 2 trillion to Wall St. Banksters, another trillion for the lie in Iraq. No investigation, no charges by the US, no cares that 4000 Americans were killed, not including the private workers hired.

Another trillion maintaining the drug war profits and users and building the prison industrial complex to 2.3 million Americans half for non violent no victim offenses, mostly vices. My theory is the Nazi's simply relocated after the war. Big Ag, Big Pharma and Big Military/Police and Prisons are I G Farben. Making Americans the enemy. So when I step back I see this isn't political. Its bait and switch, divert and deny and say anything to get elected or selected. Pitting dems against reps. Dems freezing in the headlights while reps run away. The GOP doesn't represent Americans in any way shape of form as far as it looks. Dems are stuck, slowly sliding backwards. Afraid to be offensive and have nothing for a defense. Neocons sit back and rake it in. If they have control of the money, they care not what laws we pass.

Republicans should have learned from Booshammy and since they didn't I see no reason to give them a platform, let alone a compromise. They don't represent republicans or democrats. Just international Neocon corporations with free speech rights to spend what it takes. Given by the same Fascists who gave us Junior. The Ganjawar is a microcosm of what they can get away with for 75 years, all out the past 40. When people can demonize a group then the vultures swoop in and collect their spoils. tsk tsk tsk. What is more humane? Frozen in fear or running away screaming? If you can't decide right and wrong without politicians or laws then you're lost. Just observe who goes out of their way to lie and condemn Ganja and who sits by doing nothing and you have the whole ball of wax, covering any issue from abortion to wars.

Those who condemn the alternatives and those who sit by and let them. How moral are the cowards watching Americans go to jail for growing cannabis, knowing the laws are all based on total gutter science lies. How many let Hemp stay outlawed knowing its versatility and ease of growing and the many jobs 25,000 products could produce. Those who remain dung worriers almost entirely have vested ignorance. Cops, Rehabs, Koch private prisons and paraphernalia companies. Big Pharma, Booze, Steel, Textiles, Crude Oil, Meat, Dairy, Fish, Trees, Paper, Cotton, Cotton poisons, all profit on prohibition and by eliminating competition this way. With no objection by the so called free trade system players? Tells how weak republicans are. Tells how weird democrats are. Especially Greens.

So America is in a civil war and the International Neocons are watching it like a football game. Selling war toys to both sides. Their media controls most of the message and both sides seem hell bent to censor the internet. Giving the people information they shouldn't have can be dangerous to your portfolio. Wake up silly people. Help your fellow Americans with taxes, not a private minority of selfish spoiled second and third generation brats. Stop willingly interfering with people trying to keep all from the slaughter yards. Protesting the protesters is a rather new becktardian ooze. How well it worked for the Dick Armey was pitiful. How these blue collar tough guys fell in line like baby ducks. Just jerk a plastic flag and they jump through all sized hoops. Plastic flags from Wall Mart made in China, replacing an Americans job. Made with Iranian and Iraqi crude oil so they pay for the bullets shot at American soldiers. Made by kids working 12 and 16 hour shifts in hazardous chemicals and living in squalor so another International Corporation doesn't have to eat in soup-lines.

The party of rednecks, blue collar and none. Support the prohibitionists. Thinking it's just pot. Monsanto's genetic fungus kills hemp's cousin hops. The worker is overhead to the international corporations. Dumping hazardous waste, health care and unemployment are also taking from the top. So when these teabog ditto's give the country away to the G-20 international corporations, world banks and individuals collecting Nazi memorabilia. When the middle class is gone, how many rednecks does anyone think they'll want running around drinking with guns? China and India have 2 billion consumers and jobette disposable labor units. Rednecks and Yellow cowards, Greens handing out fliers about dead trees on dead trees. Libertarians protesting liberty plugged into Wall St. Blue Dawg traitors and White Supremists Court paid by the anti-Pink Christians killing doctors for Geeeeeezus. Fighting the Rainbow of Poor who are richer than the 1% ever take time to think about. Sometimes it's better to die on your feet, friendly fascism prefers us living on our knees. The sheople seem to agree. They cast votes over and over for someone to tell them what to do, how to act, dress and vote. Poverty could be curtailed heavily if we just paid for the election and skipped out of town with the loot. One time the media Madison Ave doesn't receive the billion dollar donations Back to many of the donators. Getting tax breaks for donating. Oh it's a merry go round.

Like the Pharm labs needing approval so they appoint someone from Pharma labs that knows what they're doing. Duh, trust them.,. Same with the banks regulating themselves. Pushing the envelope and the regulators pick it up and extend the desktop. Koch Bros. are hiring non violent prisoners into the telecommunications industry costing the government $72 in taxes the tax phoebe phreaks never mention. Lets have a war, oh wait that means Congress. Lets have a Police Action to get those dead Colombian indians off of our oil. Why do you think they buried it under all that sand. We didn't need it in the first place. Who protests the protesters? What redneck longhair idiot is screaming drill baby drill during the BP fiasco? Shooting wolves from helicopters because they might kill the cattle leaving their pollution, wrecking the streams feeding the wells the bible belt pregnant woman drinks from. Exporting the meat to countries knowing better than to graze millions of cows on limited resources. Feeding them grain sprayed with poisons going into the same wells, same families drinking it, babies bathing in it. Fresh water for the grain and exported cattle. More fresh water bathing the dairy cows daily. Doesn't matter dairy cows produce milk for, wait for it... cows. Fat and water with vit D added. Add it to ketchup if it becomes a vegetable for kids in school. But that program will no doubt be cut to pay for the new yacht, rednecks won't get to see.

I'm sure the 1% are grateful Ha, shirley you jest. Laughing all the way to the bank. Fall in you sold out, jigs up and you're down for the count. GHQBush has been screwing this country since before Kennedy. Never gets his picture in the paper. He has the Supreme Court give the presidency to junior, after he gave two governorships to dubya and jebya before that. Manipulating everything American out of government, for Americans. Especially the rednecks and blue collar behind the US against Hitler. GHQBush at a very impressionable age had to watch his father be arrested for war crimes. Trading with the enemy during active combat. While GI's are getting shot from 10 years of Bush Rockefeller financing his war chest. Half of IG Farben which was a third of the Nazi's, along with the church contributions. Big Oil had to have the Middle East who sided with Hitler against the Jews. Still do. Rednecks and Blue collar workers kill your TV. Listening to the propaganda or the whines against it. Spinning wheels going nowhere.

Locally we can serve the communities. Not buying international, legalizing hemp and alternative medicines especially the most versatile cannabis. We can fix our roads and the corporations stashing cash in the Caymans aren't. Yet they think they can wear them out with their trucks? Now we will find it harder to stop the trucks if they won't bargain. Cause the rednecks busted up the unions. How many white crosses does it take a trucker to get to market. How many voted for Walker, and themselves out of a job.. We can't do much anyway, since it's getting more and more that they don't even need our roads and bridges. They don't need us at all. POW's in our own homes, we won't own anymore since the deed has a number. Find some drugs, forfeiture. Your word against a dozen darel swats who just shot your dog. I believe in justice, not the justice system as it stands. I think those who killed the way of life most of us were raised in. Deserve justice. They made a choice, they were told, they continued on greed, racism and no allegiance to the rights of all Americans. Traitors are traitors. We have lists of the Neocon leaders, Astroturf Teabog ditto's and white trash reality. Like the German people before them. Divided then afraid to speak out. Bury their heads like the Denialists.  I imagine some of the victims of greed will seek vengeance. Some will be as ignorant and disrespect and stigmatize. Depends on how many sell out. The pendulum never stops or we'd fall off the flat earth... DdC

Wisconsin, Where Money Talks and Truth Walks
Scott Walker's "Win" is not a "Win" for the people, it's a (bought) "Win" for the Koch Brothers and their Wealthy Corporate Ilk. It's a very sad day for our Republic.

This was a testing grounds for Citizens United.  The test came back positive so now you will see a huge injection of money into the war to defeat Obama.  If the powers that be want to spend the money then Obama doesn't have a chance.  America is officially no longer a Democracy.

The New American Way - Blind Ignorance and Hate Filled Bigotry - YouTube

The high price of 'dark fusion'
Your country? Willful ignorance, stupidity. Call it what you will it is destroying the nation. Maybe has already destroyed it. Here are a few paragraphs from an Al Jazeera article by Mark LeVine. Click on the URL for the entire story. It ought to shake you up from head to toe. Anyone here remember Bradley Manning?

The high price of 'dark fusion'

The US government can already detain citizens as enemy combatants; now it wants to deploy propaganda across the country.

During the last decade, more than 15 million Americans have entered the ranks of the global "have nots" whom Pentagon planners were, and no doubt remain, so worried about. It's no wonder that the militarisation of law enforcement, coupled with the reduction of constitutional protections for American citizens, have served as natural complements to large-scale incarceration and military recruitment as the best strategies for dealing with the problem of the unassimilable poor.

Yet at some point, gung-ho, ignorance-is-bliss patriotism, large scale imprisonment, foreign wars, even 1,000 TV channels and high speed internet won't keep people off the streets - especially in the wake of the worst recession in 70 years and a decade filled with multiple wars. And thus, the Occupy movement burst to life: inspired by the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt and ultimately sparked by the same underlying global neoliberal system that has concentrated wealth and power and increasingly criminalised dissent everywhere.  There’s more to the article. Click on the URL

Colorado and the Presidential Race « Drug WarRant

ECP: Stealing America: Vote By Vote

The spirit was freedom and justice
And it's keepers seem generous and kind
It's leaders were supposed to serve the country
But now they won't pay it no mind
'Cause the people grew fat and got lazy
And now their vote is a meaningless joke
They babble about law and order
But it's all just an echo of what they've been told
Yeah, there's a monster on the loose
It's got our heads into a noose
And it just sits there watchin'
~ Steppenwolf - Monster

End The Drug War, Face Jim Crow
US: Michelle Alexander: Flanders, Laura The Nation 31 Jul 2011
The NAACP has just passed a historic resolution [1] demanding an end to the War on Drugs.  The resolution comes as young black male unemployment hovers near 50 percent and the wealth gap has become a veritable gulf [2].  So why is the forty-year-old "War on Drugs" public enemy number one for the nation's oldest civil rights organization? Well, here's why: it's not extraneous, it's central: the war on drugs is the engine of twenty-first-century discrimination--an engine that has brought Jim Crow into the age of Barack Obama.

"The jury has the right to determine both the law and the facts"
~ Samuel Chase,
US Supreme Court Chief Justice 1796

"The Jury has the power to bring a verdict in the teeth of both law and fact"
~ Oliver Wendell Holme, Chief Justice

"The law itself is on trial quite as much as the case which is to be decided"
~ Judge Harlan F. Stone,
Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, 1941-1946

Anglo-Saxon common law right of claiming a "necessity" to break the law,
because doing so prevented a greater harm... ~ Rob Waddell

Jury Nullification

Canadian Jury nullification

Only registered voters are called to serve on juries. Most cannabis trials by jury are deterred by 404 gag rules and mandatory minimum sentencing. Plea bargains make up the majority along with $4500 rehabilitation facilities and urine testing, monitoring and probation costs.

NRA Mandatory Minimum
WA Man Refuses Marijuana Fines, Chooses Jail

Koch Roaches A.L.E.C. Drug Detention Centers
Forfeiture $quads
Forfeiture $quads

Criminal Law Reform
The Criminal Law Reform Project seeks an end to excessively harsh crime policies that result in mass incarceration and stand in the way of a just and equal society. The Project works to reduce the number of people entering jails and prisons by reforming our nation's punitive drug policies and challenging police and prosecutorial misconduct and other governmental abuses of power.

Speaking Truth to Power Works
by Giordano, stopthedrugwar.org August 06, 2011

Obama and Romney Can't Ignore Marijuana Anymore

Profound Hatred for Democracy

Obama Tilts Toward Iran Contra Gates

Chuck Norris Jumps Into Wisconsin Recall On Behalf Of Scott Walker


☛To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands.
☛But the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.
☛If you know the enemy, and know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred battles.
☛If you know yourself, but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer defeat.
☛If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.
~ The Art of War - Sun Tzu

How big money won the Wisconsin recall

How did Scott Walker win Wisconsin?

Gov. Scott Walker's Big Money Backers Include 13 Out-Of-State Billionaires

Scott Walker's Money Machine

Gov. Scott Walker: Follow the Money

Meet Command Central, the People in Charge of Wisconsin Voting Machines"

Emergency A Shady Deal With WI County Clerks

Tell Holder: Protect Every Citizen's Right to Vote!

Obama and Romney Can't Ignore Marijuana Anymore

Profound Hatred for Democracy

Obama Tilts Toward Iran Contra Gates


Injunction, in Addition to DOJ Order, Likely Required to Stop FL GOP Purge of Voter Rolls
Despite DoJ warnings, the state of Florida has indicated they will continue to scrub voters from the rolls, despite federal law. A court order may be required to stop them...

Will CA's New 'Cajun Primary' System Allow Minority GOP To Capture Congressional Seats?
CA's New 'Top Two' Primary May Give Minority GOP Seats in Majority Dem Districts
State's new 'Cajun Primary' is a bad idea for small-"d" democracy, and Dems may well pay a price for it...

What's Florida's bigger concern: Voter fraud or suppression?

Republican 'Expert' Embarrassed on Voter Fraud

Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control - 2012 Elections
A laboratory shows how an e-voting machine used by a third of all voters can be easily manipulated

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early


Black Box Voting - America's Elections Watchdog Group
ORIGINAL STORY:  Four hundred and eighty-eight voters, every one of them in the Tennessee district of US Rep Steve Cohen (D-09), all but four lifelong Democrats, and nearly all Black, had their voting history erased by Shelby County election workers, setting them up for purge from the voter list. UPDATE: I will be posting a follow up story shortly; I am pleased to see that Congressman Steve Cohen has referred this matter to the U.S. Department of Justice.

(WI) State of Wisconsin

Hotel Minibar" Keys Open Diebold Voting Machines
The access panel door on a Diebold AccuVote-TS voting machine – the door that protects the memory card that stores the votes, and is the main barrier to the injection of a virus – can be opened with a standard key that is widely available on the Internet.

Voting Fraud News
Dirty Tricks In Wisconsin: Secret Group Shuts Down Phones Of Scott Walker’s Democratic Challenger With Spam Texts  5/29/2012 Think Progress: "One week before Wisconsinites vote on whether or not to recall Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI), a conservative group is engaged in dirty tricks that have shut down the Democratic challenger’s campaign phones. According to multiple reports, independently verified by ThinkProgress, the following spam text message is being blasted out to many Wisconsin cell phones: FRM:[email protected] SUBJ:Union Puppet MSG:Tom Barrett is a Union Puppet who will give Union Thugs everything they want. Call & ask why 414-271-8050 The phone number is that of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s campaign headquarters. The influx of calls following this spam text message has shut down phones at Barrett’s campaign, just seven days before Election Day and right as get-out-the-vote efforts are ramping up."

Diebold Voter Fraud 2012 PT. 1 - YouTube

Daily Kos: vote fraud
☛Anchorage Proposition 5-Did Homophobes Commit Vote Fraud?
☛Proof that "voter fraud" is Jim Crow 2.0
☛Voter Fraud
☛IOIYAR-Vote Fraud Caught on Video
☛Tea Party Terrorists commit vote fraud to show vote fraud exists.
☛Republicons do not care about the constitution, they pretend to. They do not care about democracy, they pretend to. There is nowhere in the Constitution that requires an ID card to vote.
☛Iowa GOP Vote Fraud? By the Iowa GOP?
☛Bob Ehrlich Can’t Turn This Vote Fraud Conviction Around
☛Hating Americans
☛Home Sweet Homes for Mitt Romney?
☛After Birthers: 10 More GOP Myths Debunked
☛Kathy Nickolaus in Waukesha forgot to save? Really?Why Prosser needed ☛EXACTLY +7500 votes....
☛Republicans Won? ACORN Strikes Again!
With all the voter fraud going on out there, we should REALLY be investigating how much fraud put Republicans over the top! I was over at TPM and read this "
I didn't think this could happen in America. But it can: voter fraud. Voter fraud on a massive scale. I vote at Edgcumbe Recreation Center, in Saint Paul - a hotbed of radical liberalism.
☛IL SEN: Kirk - Minority Voter Intimidation
Illinois blogger Archpundit has the audiotape of Mark Kirk proudly boasting how he is funding the largest voter intimidation program in the past 15 years.
Diebold, return our money!

The Political Environment: Talk Radio Fuels The Myth Of Voting Fraud
This is part of an intense righty talk radio effort to frighten and gin up its conservative base on election day.
Voter Fraud Explodes in Wisconsin; Eye Witnesses Speak Out

In Wisconsin, reports of voter suppression efforts

Tell Holder: ACLU
Protect Every Citizen's Right to Vote!

Today, 30 states have passed laws requiring voters to present identification to vote, and in 15 of those states, voters must present a government-issued photo ID. These laws will result in untold numbers of legal voters being turned away from the polls because over 21 million Americans do not have government-issued photo identification. Obtaining a photo ID presents a substantial — and unnecessary — barrier for many of our nation's citizens. There is no credible evidence that in-person impersonation voter fraud — the only type of fraud that photo IDs could prevent — is even a minor problem in our country.

The attacks are not just limited to voter ID. Some states are engaging in other voter suppression tactics like restricting voter registration drives and reducing the amount of time for early voting. All these laws disfranchise eligible voters — especially racial and ethnic minorities, the elderly, low-income individuals, students, and voters with disabilities.

The Voting Rights Act vests significant authority in the Department of Justice to ensure laws are not implemented in a discriminatory manner. Because of some states' troubling history of voter suppression, any changes in their elections laws are subject to approval — or "pre-clearance" — by the Justice Department under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act. In jurisdictions not covered by Section 5, the Department must ensure that these laws are implemented in a way that does not discriminate against protected groups in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

Voting Rights
Established in 1965, the ACLU Voting Rights Project has worked to protect the gains in political participation won by racial and language minorities since passage of the historic Voting Rights Act (VRA) that same year. The Project has filed more than 300 lawsuits to enforce the provisions of the VRA and the U.S. Constitution.

Voting Rights in Indian Country
A report highlighting challenges on behalf of American Indians in five western states — Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Wyoming to a variety of discriminatory election practices with special attention to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, its laws, restrictions, and rules, as well as subsequent amendments.

The Ganjawar Comes to the The Rez

Know Your Voting Rights - State by State
The Voting Rights Project of the ACLU is dedicated to providing citizens with information about and assistance in exercising their right to vote. Visit the page and click on the links for detailed information about voting in your state, and check out our quick tips for voters before you head to the polls.

I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country... Corporations have bee enthroned, an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."
-- Abraham Lincoln, November 12, 1864 (atributed)

STEALING AMERICA Vote by Vote brings together behind-the-scenes perspectives from the U.S. presidential election of 2004 – plus startling stories from key races in 1996, 2000, 2002 and 2006. Unbiased and nonpartisan, the film sheds light on a decade of vote counts that don't match votes cast – uncounted ballots, vote switching, under-votes and many other examples of election totals that warrant serious investigation.

Throughout STEALING AMERICA, we hear from voters who experienced a wide range of problems, including those whose votes flipped from one candidate to another and those whose polls didn't have enough machines to serve the number of voters. Investigative journalists describe how their reportage on election fraud was sidelined. First-person citizen testimonies speak of waiting in line nine hours to vote. We hear how polling experts’ requests for essential information – such as precinct voting data necessary to examine irregularities – had been rejected, while ballots were being systematically destroyed, making audits impossible.

Stealing America: Vote By Vote.org
STEALING AMERICA unveils patterns of anomalies at every level of the electoral process. Controversial partnerships perpetuate a secretive environment, as relevant facts and figures remain hidden from view. As a result, most Americans have no real sense of the threat to free and fair elections. As seemingly unrelated pieces of the puzzle come together, a chilling picture emerges of widespread, artfully crafted "glitches" that, in the final tallies, have the capacity to alter election results.

Dorothy Fadiman invites the public to make free downloads of "Stealing America: Vote by Vote"

Ohio Election Fraud

Stealing America: Vote By Vote Part 1 of 10 U2b

STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 1 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 2 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 3 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 4 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 5 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 6 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 7 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 8 of 10 - YouTube
STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote Part 10 of 10 - YouTube

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