Features: A Dirty Sweep by Ta-Nehisi Coates
.. operation was based on surveillance footage of ragweed on her property that officers mistook for marijuana. In the infamous case of Tulia, Texas, a task force arrested 46 men and women... Published December 18th, 2002

Nation: Press Clips: Don't Do Drug Ads by Cynthia Cotts

CityState: Towers & Tenements : Transcending Eviction by Andrew Friedman

Features: Heroin (and Heartache) by Michael Kamber

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Features: Ganja Woman by A Village Voice Writer

Features: The DNA Bomb by Erik Baard
... in Smoke The Supreme Court recently decided against a California club that purchased marijuana for the ill. What effects will the ruling have? Sharon Lerner reports. Beyond McVeigh...
Published May 22nd, 2001

Features: AA Unmasked by M.T.

CityState: A Time for Mercy by Andrew Friedman

Letters: www.villagevoice.com/issu...etters.php
... the publication of Andrew Friedman's feature article about my arrest for selling medical marijuana ["Sacrificial Lamb," March 6], my congregation, my family, and I were deluged by...
Published March 20th, 2001

Features: Sacrificial Lamb by Andrew Friedman

Machine Age: Gotcha! by Russ Kick
... lists a stream of devices with disturbing powers. Heat-detecting devices look through walls for marijuana grow-lights. The Federal Intrusion Detection Network, now in development, will search the... Published February 27th, 2001

Letters: www.villagevoice.com/issu...etters.php
... Year in Pot" [February 6]. The death stats alone that he cites for other drugs in comparison to marijuana should make people realize that maybe they've been wrong about pot prohibition, and the... Published February 20th, 2001

Features: The Year In Pot by Kevin Nelson
... Prohibition One of the problems that the marijuana reform movement consistently faces is...
Published February 6th, 2001

Music: Drug Ballads by Larry Birnbaum

Nation: The Bush DUI Tipster: No Party Hack by Laura Conaway

Features: Wouldnt It Be Nice by Tom Carson
... Gary Johnson was impressivea straight arrow whose reluctant conclusion that we'd better legalize marijuana landed him in deep elephant dung once he got back to the whiteness on the edge of... Published August 15th, 2000

Music: Afrobeat Generations by Richard Gehr
... excessive nature of what Fela came to characterize as his "classical African music" (attributed to marijuana's influence by some), editing down his increasingly spacey 20-or 30-minute compositions to... www.villagevoice.com/issu...2/gehr.php

Books: Soft Gore by Christopher Hitchens

Letters: by Letters www.villagevoice.com/issu...etters.php
... in the U.S., the intent of the bill is clearly to quell the rising tide of dissent against marijuana prohibition made possible by the first truly democratic mass medium: the Internet. The...

NY Mirror: Mad on the Street: Ad Nauseam by Coco McPherson

Press Clips: Our Buds, Ourselves by Cynthia Cotts

Film: Splendor in the grass by Amy Taubin

Nation: Press Clips: by Cynthia Cotts
... a front-page story by Rick Bragg about a fungus that was developed specifically to attack marijuana plants. The fungus is the subject of dispute in Florida, where Governor Jeb Bush's Office... Published August 10th, 1999

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NY Mirror: Mad on the Street: Splendor in the Grass by Edmund Lee
... A few weeks ago, the Institute of Medicine, an affiliate of the National Academy of...
Published April 6th, 1999

Books: Sexual Healing by Jabari Asim
... for his lavish estate, Robinson experiences a change of heart when he overindulges in a blend of marijuana and expired cough syrup. While high as the gates surrounding his home and perhaps... Published February 9th, 1999

Features: The Way We Dress Now by Lynn Yaeger

Features: Straightness 101 by Sharon Lerner
... energies toward youth. Focus on the Familywhich has waged grassroots campaigns against medical marijuana, euthanasia, and stem cell researchis now unleashing its formidable network of... Published May 8th, 2001

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Features: New York's Drug-Law Debacle by Jennifer Gonnerman

NY Mirror: Material World: Attention Noel Cowards by Lynn Yaeger
... Yaeger NY Mirror Material World Attention Noel Cowards Mr. Giuliani has swept the streets of marijuana smokers and public urinators, Mr. Pataki is making the subways more affordable, Mr. Eisner... Published December 23rd, 1997

Features: The Pot Plot by Cynthia Cotts Published June 15th, 1993

Letters: www.villagevoice.com/issu...etters.php
... Herb Cynthia Cotts, in Press Clips [March 30], confirms what so many of us already knew: that marijuana isn't addictive, isn't a "gateway drug," and can ease the suffering of some people with... Published April 13th, 1999

Music: Freebirds All by Kandia Crazy Horse
... "Mouth From the South" Chris Robinson. The Black Crowes have railed against the criminalization of marijuana, the corporatization of rock, the corruption of fellow musicians, and, above all, the loss... Published December 22nd, 1998

Music: Rock&Roll&: The Unflashiest by Robert Christgau
... be trademarked if it was in him to bother, and neither his IRS run-in nor his adventures in the marijuana trade will stop the man who toked up on the roof of Carter's White House from receiving... Published November 16th, 1998

CityState: Finally, a Progressive Party by James Bradley

Theater: Reefer Madness by Frank Ruscitti