Body Bag Demo Demands Big Oil Stop Pushing for War on Iraq

Pressure Point: December 4, 2002. Activists today staged a mass protest using people in body bags to highlight the unspoken agenda of the Bush Administration: access to Iraq's oil reserves. Over thirty protestors laid on the sidewalk in body bags outside the Washington DC lobbying office of ExxonMobil, the world's largest oil company. More >

Global Group of 600 Protestors Shut Down Every ExxonMobil Gas Station in Luxembourg

Greenpeace: October 25, 2002 - More than 600 activists from around the world shut down oil company ExxonMobil in the European country of Luxembourg in a Greenpeace protest against ExxonMobils sabotage of international efforts to protect the climate. Seven Americans were involved in the protests. Activists from 31 countries were present at every one of ExxonMobils 28 gas stations in Luxembourg - including the biggest ExxonMobil station in the world on the Luxembourg/German border. More >

Demonstrators Tell Jiang Zemin and Big Oil: "Hands off Tibet"

Tibetans and Supporters: October 23, 2002. Tibetans and supporters are protesting Chinese President Jiang Zemin and the CEOs of oil giants ExxonMobil and Royal Dutch Shell outside a dinner hosted by the Greater Houston Partnership at the Hotel Intercontinental on Wednesday, October 23. Demonstrators are calling on China to end its occupation of Tibet and for an end to the egregious human rights abuses committed against the Tibetan people. More >

Stop ExxonMobil National Day of Action: Saturday, October 19

Stop ExxonMobil Alliance: The Stop ExxonMobil Alliance coordinated a National Day of Action on Saturday, October 19, with protests scheduled in over 40 cities nationwide. The National Day of Action calls attention to ExxonMobil's corporate abuses and builds public support for the campaign.

Read the Stop ExxonMobil Alliance press advisory.
Read about Greenpeace shutting down gas stations in LA and New York.
Read the Students for a Free Tibet press release and view photos from the protests.
Read a first-hand account of a protest outside the ExxonMobil law offices in San Francisco.

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Body Bag Demo Demands Big Oil Stop Pushing for War on Iraq
Presssure Point (4 December 2002)

Global Group of 600 Protestors Shut Down Every ExxonMobil Gas Station in Luxembourg
Greenpeace (25 October 2002)

Demonstrators Tell Jiang Zemin and Big Oil: "Hands off Tibet"
Tibetans and Supporters (23 October 2002)

Green Party: Don't Buy ExxonMobil
Green Party (22 October 2002)

Activists Shut Down Los Angeles and New York ExxonMobil Gas Stations
Greenpeace (19 October 2002)

Students and Tibetans Tell ExxonMobil "Hands Off Tibet"
Students for a Free Tibet (19 October 2002)

ExxonMobil Willfully Misleading Public on Global Warming
Greenpeace US (18 September 2002)

Wall Street Journal Exposes Big Oil's Real Deal
Pacific Environment (4 September 2002)

ExxonMobil Pays for Global Warming Sabotage as UK Consumers Turn Their Backs
Greenpeace UK (3 September 2002)

ExxonMobil Works to Sabotage Johannesburg Earth Summit
Friends of the Earth (22 August 2002)

French Court Bans ESSO Logo Parody from Internet
Greenpeace (9 July 2002)

Independence Day from ExxonMobil: Campaign Gathers Momentum on July 4
Greenpeace (4 July 2002)

ExxonMobil Shareholders Support Renewables
Greenpeace (29 May 2002)

Stop ExxonMobil Campaign Launches In U.S.
Stop ExxonMobil Alliance (22 May 2002)


Statement to ExxonMobil Concerning the Implications of its Policies on Human Rights and the Environment (delivered by the Stop ExxonMobil Alliance at the AGM in May 2002)

Testimony on ExxonMobil Involvement in Human Rights Abuses in Aceh (delivered by Cut Zahara Hamzah, board member of the International Forum for Aceh, at the AGM in May 2002)

The Stop ExxonMobil Alliance is a broad association of rights groups working to influence ExxonMobil's behavior in the human rights, environment, governance and community relations areas. Alliance members support each others' demands but do not have expertise or take public position on all the issue areas.

The growing Stop ExxonMobil Alliance consists of many of America's leading environmental, human rights, pro-democracy, and social justice organizations. The campaign is dedicated to committing ExxonMobil to socially responsible behavior.

Current members of the Stop ExxonMobil Alliance are:

Alliance for Democracy: www.thealliancefordemocracy.org
Amnesty International USA: www.amnesty-usa.org
Free the Planet: www.freetheplanet.org
Greenpeace: www.greenpeaceusa.org
International Labor Rights Fund: www.laborrights.org
Institute for Policy Studies: www.seen.org
PressurePoint: www.pressurepoint.org
Pacific Environment: www.pacificenvironment.org
Refinery Reform Campaign: www.refineryreform.org
Students for a Free Tibet: www.tibet.org/sft/
U.S. PIRG: www.uspirg.org
Uproar: www.uproarnow.org

Other groups with campaigns targeting ExxonMobil are:

Campaign ExxonMobil: www.campaignexxonmobil.org
Human Rights Campaign: www.hrc.org