In late October 1968, Beverly Deepe, a 33-year-old Saigon correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor, came upon a story that could have changed history. A six-year veteran covering the Vietnam War, she learned from South Vietnamese sources that Richard Nixon’s campaign was collaborating behind the scenes with the Saigon government to derail President Lyndon Johnson’s peace talks.

Admissions on Nixon's 'Treason' Consortiumnews
Special Report: Definitive proof of a historical mystery is often elusive, even with archival documents and memoirs. Skeptics can always say some witness or some evidence isn’t perfect. But the case that Richard Nixon sabotaged the Vietnam peace talks in 1968 to win that pivotal election is clear, writes Robert Parry.


The Almost Scoop on Nixon’s ‘Treason’
At the end of Campaign 1968, as Richard Nixon feared his narrow lead could disappear if progress were made on Vietnam peace, a U.S. correspondent in Saigon got wind of a cabal between Nixon and South Vietnamese leaders to block peace talks and secure his victory. History was at a crossroads, writes Robert Parry.

LBJ’s ‘X’ File on Nixon’s ‘Treason’
In the dusty files of Lyndon Johnson’s presidential library in Austin, Texas, once secret documents and audiotapes tell a dark and tragic story of how Richard Nixon’s team secured the White House in 1968 by sabotaging peace talks that might have ended the Vietnam War four years earlier, Robert Parry reports.


Profiting Off Nixon’s Vietnam ‘Treason’
The notion of Wall Street bankers meeting in private to discuss profiting off a plot to extend the Vietnam War and risk the lives of thousands of American soldiers may sound like a conspiracy movie script, but it is a tragic reality reflected in once secret White House documents, reports Robert Parry.

What Even Woodward and Bernstein Can’t Say Out Loud:
Nixon Wrecked the Paris Peace Talks


Rostow’s “The ‘X’ Envelope,” which was finally opened in 1994 and is now largely declassified, reveals that Johnson had come to know a great deal about Nixon’s peace-talk sabotage from FBI wiretaps. In addition, tapes of presidential phone conversations, which were released in 2008, show Johnson complaining to key Republicans about the gambit and even confronting Nixon personally.

That’s right, folks: Richard Milhous Nixon, our thirty-seventh president, ordered and committed high treason. His henchmen: Anna Chan Chennault and Henry Kissinger.

Nixon's Biggest Crime Was Far, Far Worse than Watergate
One week before Election Day, Johnson got a tip that Nixon was trying to sabotage the negotiations. It came from a highly credible source, the legendary Alexander Sachs.

A furious president telephoned the highest elected Republican in the land, Senate Minority Leader Everett Dirksen of Illinois, and declared, “This is treason.” He wasn’t exaggerating. The Logan Act of 1799 prohibits private citizens (including presidential candidates) from interfering with negotiations between the U.S. and foreign governments.

Nevertheless, Johnson decided not to go public with what he’d learned. He had many reasons, one of which remained secret until his own White House tapes were released in the twenty-first century. The others trickled out faster: LBJ didn’t want to compromise U.S. diplomatic intelligence sources, didn’t want to cripple Nixon’s presidency before it began, and didn’t have “smoking gun” proof that Nixon himself had broken the law.

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Comments: Don't pull the punches on Nixon!
Nixon's evil went far deeper than this...

"President Nixon successfully branded drug addicts as criminals"

No! - Tell it like it is...

President Nixon successfully branded ALL (illicit) drug users (non-addicts included!) as criminals!

- President Obama, please make a step in the right direction for humanity and the world and end the Schedule 1 status that Nixon’s War illegally placed Cannabis into!

The U.S. Government is violating both U.S. Laws AND the U.S Constitution with the War on Cannabis. Science has proven that Cannabis cannot possibly be a Schedule 1 substance, yet the Government refuses to acknowledge Science - so the U.S. Government keeps Cannabis listed as a Schedule 1 drug illegally.

I don't believe that even States have the right to criminalize a "vice-at-most (I don't even believe Cannabis to be a vice at all - it is beneficial to good health!)" activity such as using Cannabis - and the Federal Government certainly doesn't!


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Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.